now david was a fella
that knew a thing or two
and he ain't gonna tell her
nor me too
david took them words to himself
no one dared to be bold enough though
i may think an idiot
or someone on a tree
go figure
but true was the fact
that in very little time
david could had been as well
closing the whole act
sisters and brothers can't stand that sort of thing
but a nice looking auntie could
and she might be as old as a stone
but hot as the sun
so i wen't over them houses
to find out what's going on
when i cross along with betty
now my eyes were gone man
just like i couldn't believe my own eyes
betty betty the simple betty
smart and tall and pretty
too damn pretty
couse i married her two years later
bitch left me for a guy who was a boxer
oh yes she did
didn't leave no godamn note or nothing
bitch lives in another country i don't even know the name of
so well
you know
the old same old story morning glory
i ended finding out at this time of life
that it was david
the boxer
so he ain't say no words
don't speak
sonuvabitch won't even listen to a godamn song on the radio
or anything
i hate this
it's like a bad dream or something
you know
i wish i had a kid or two now.